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Rustic Night Death Toll Color Correction

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Rustic Night Death Toll Color Correction

This is a color correction for Death Toll. I wanted to do something different here. As we all know, this campaign is already really blue, and there are a number of great color corrections to make it even more blue. But instead of doing the same thing as everybody else, I wanted to bring out Death Toll's red, orange, yellow, and brown hues. The campaign's original blue/green is replaced with a subdued red/brown tone. The sky is a smokey purple and the fog is charcoal grey, while indoor areas and artificial lighting accentuate browns, oranges, and gritty yellows. Natural reds are brought out much more. It brings out a more rustic, autumnal tone for the campaign.

This will only affect Death Toll. It may unintentionally affect some custom campaigns that use Death Toll's color correction. I can't help that. This was also tested with and designed for the default skybox. It may not look good with custom skyboxes. 


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